Free Moutai cocktail tastings in Sydney CBD

Kweichow Moutai, the national spirit of China, is hosting an ‘East meets West’ Christmas tasting in its Sydney showroom at Shop 2, 398 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000 from 21st to 23rd of December from 5pm to 8pm.

Across three nights, the luxury spirit that lands at around $250 per bottle will be rewarding Christmas shoppers with one complimentary cocktail and snacks.

China’s luxury clear spirit, Moutai, dates back to 135 B.C. and contains 53 percent alcohol. The spirit is made from shorghum and wheat and is distilled nine times. It takes its name from the Moutai village in the Guizhou province of China which is located 400 metres above sea level and is surrounded by mountainous terrain. Like Cognac, Moutai, can only be made in Moutai.

Moutai is highly regarded as the top spirit brand within China, holding its position and market share ahead of thousands of competing brands.

Moutai which is distributed globally on a strictly allocation basis, opened its first Australian showroom in March 2014.

Moutai distributes a range of products, with the most famous being the ‘53% Flying Fairy’. The Sydney showroom also stocks rare, aged Moutai products, with some single bottle prices exceeding $5000.

Moutai can be purchased through its showroom in Sydney, through Dan Murphy’s, and in many of Australia’s top Chinese restaurants.

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