New Look Holden Cruz launches in Sydney with a social experiment

Holden partnered with speed dating company, Fast Impressions, to send five single guys and girls on their first date in the new-look Holden Cruz to test one simple hypothesis: “You don’t know someone until you drive with them”.

The five couples were filmed while they cruised around Sydney in the new-look Holden Cruze to see if in-car tensions would ‘make or brake’ their budding romances. Utilising the new-look Cruze’s in-car technology, the couples faced challenges including navigating around Sydney and completing a reverse park.

On 3 March 2015, the results of this social experiment were revealed at an exclusive Holden Cruze launch party at the Bourbon Hotel in Sydney where the footage of the five in-car dates were critiqued by an expert panel of judges, including relationships expert and psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, Dr Peter Jonason and former Miss Universe Australia, Laura Dundovic, who also happens to have a Masters Degree in Psychology. The event was hosted by MC Pete Lazer from Shopping for Love.

The most compatible couple won a trip to the Hunter Valley (which they could take together or separately) and a new-look Holden Cruze to drive for 3 months.

The winning couple – Loretta Jacob and Aashish Chopra – were announced on the evening and chosen by the judges due to their sizzling chemistry (they even shared an on-stage kiss much to the delight of the audience).

Holden’s Director of Communications, Sean Poppitt who spoke at the event, said that the social experiment was a unique way of communicating Cruze’s strengths as a connected, feature packed car that would take away some of the tension points that traditionally play up between couples on the road.

“With its easy to use features like remote start, keyless entry and award winning infotainment system, the Cruze makes the everyday less every day and lets passengers focus on enjoying each other’s company, rather than winding each other up,” Mr. Poppitt said.

Research reveals that most tension among Australian couples while in the car were heated conversations about road directions (29 per cent), frustrations with their partner’s driving (18 per cent) and complaints from their partner about their own driving (9 per cent).

“Couples who were able to successfully complete the challenges without losing their cool have a much higher chance of succeeding in a long-term relationship.”

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