Mambo’s 30 years of shelf-Indulgence exhibition launches in Sydney

Australia’s most irreverent and outspoken brand – Mambo – has turned 30 years old and on 11 March 2015 it launched its exhibition, 30 years of shelf-indulgence at the aMBUSH Gallery at Central Park, Sydney.

Following the huge success of the Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf-Indulgence exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, which saw the largest recorded number of attendees throughout the Ian Potter Centre to date, Mambo is excited that it will continue show the exhibition in Sydney.

Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf-Indulgence will celebrate Mambo’s unique contribution to art and the support and development of its eccentric team of artists and designers. It will also present a commentary on the company’s ability to identify its ‘Australian-ness’ through self-deprecating humour, and an off-handed indifference to all the usual conventions, retail and cultural.

The exhibition will feature original artwork, posters, surfboards, inflatables, in-store display units, and a 30-year timeline, plus interviews with original artists and various other cast members. It will also present artworks that were not previously shown in the Melbourne exhibit along with examples of developmental work, most of which are being exhibited for the first time.

Established in 1984 by founder Dare Jennings, Mambo built its foundations on an irreverent combination of art, humour, music and surf. Pitched squarely at the average Australian, under the art direction of Wayne Golding, Mambo is credited with introducing art and humour to the previously logo-driven and humour-challenged surf wear industry.

Self-described as the ‘bastard children of surf culture’, Mambo gave rise to one of the most recognisable, authentic, vernacular, politically incorrect yet intensely political brands to rise out of the excesses of 1980s Australia. Mambo’s social commentary and political astuteness are embodied by all 250 artists that have worked for the label over the past three decades.

The brand’s artistic reputation and voice was solidified in 1993, when Mambo was invited by the Art Gallery of New South Wales to exhibit alongside an international collection of surrealist art in the show, Surrealism by Night. In 2000, the label reached new international heights when it was selected to design the Australian athletes’ uniforms for the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games.

Celebrities who attended the event included: Mambo’s original art director, Wayne Golding; Managing Director Angus Kingsmill; member of the comedy duo Roy and HG, HG Nelson (whose real name is Greig Pickhaver); Hollywood Reporter on Channel Ten, Richard Reid; Mental  As Anything musician and Mambo artist; Chris O’Doherty (who is more widely known by his pseudonym Reg Mombassa); The Block’s and Belle Magazine’s Editor and Chief Neale Whitaker; Bondi Rescue’s Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll; 2DAYFM Host Maz Compton;, and Channel V’s Marty Smiley

Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf-Indulgence will be on display at the aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park from 11 March 2015 to 26 April 2015. Entry is free.

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