Tsingtao Be Bold Party is the party to end all parties

On 24 March 2015, Tsingtao hosted the Be Bold Party at Chinatown’s Dynasty Karaoke bar with comedian Ronny Chieng as guest MC. This was not a launch. It was THE party to end all parties and THE party that you do not leave to go to another party.

The night had an electrifying atmosphere with performances from Angle Grinder, Hula Hoop Specialist and Contortionist, and a Live UV Model Painting. Throughout the evening guests were able to participate in a Beatbox Battle as well as view the captivating Safari and Balloon Room.

Tsingtao, pronounced Ching Dow, has been in the Australian marketplace for 20 years. Instead of targeting men aged 35 years and upwards who eat at Chinese restaurants, Tsingtao changed its marketing strategy to appeal to young professionals aged 18-35 who drink beer socially and purchasing the product in bottle shops.

While many of the attendees were hip twenty-something’s (some of which were competition winners), there were a few celebrities including: social media king, Kurt Coleman: Australian Olympic gold medallist Leisel Jones; and singer and songwriter at What About Tonight, Brock Codey Jays.

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